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An additional CS: GO Event Organizer is Called...


The DolphinCS Org event organizer for CS: GO continues to be called out by Windigo Gaming’s Teodor ‘SPELLAN’ Nikolov for failing to pay reward money for a mug that took place around 5 months ago.

The Bulgarian is actually presumably referring to the $5, 000 DolphinCS Shoot Em’Up #3 online cup that concluded on 06 29 2017.

SPELLAN won the mug as a member of the Outlaws roster which included current NRG Esports AWPer and fellow Bulgarian Cvetelin ‘CeRq’ Dimitrov.

The Outlaws players must have received a total of $3, 000 but SPELLAN took to Twitter on November 20th to call out DolphinCS, stating that they still haven’t paid up.

Stating that they were promised payment within 2 weeks, SPELLAN claims which there have been “different excuses” every time that he or even one of his teammates have attempted to get in touch with the organization.

CeRq has additionally confirmed the claims, simply stating “got scammed again thanks”, while other Tweet users claim to have had similar issues with the company, including unpaid salaries.

The office manager of Valiance, Petar ‘pecagg’ Marković, additionally claims to have had a situation where his team was not paid for the DolphinCS cup. Valiance is a team which includes FaZe Clan’s Nikola ‘NiKo’ Kovač’s cousin Nemanja ‘huNter’ Kovač.

Valiance, who were playing under the Binary Dragons banner at the time, arrived second in the mug and should have received $1, 500.

The DolphinCS Twitter account has responded to some of the <A href="[Spam Filter] CSGO Skins</A> accusations, claiming that there have been delays due to a amount of reasons.

The organization accuses an ex-employee of stealing from them, website problems making it impossible to respond to player, before stating which other claims are nothing but false accusations.

The accusations about DolphinCS failing to pay for prize money come just 11 times after a similar scenario involving Danish team Heroic.

The team’s in-game leader Marco ‘Snappi’ Pfeiffer took to Twitter on November 10th to claim that his team had not received payment for the Northern Arena Montreal event that they played 12 months formerly.

The team must have received $10, 000 for their 3rd-4th complete.