Laser militaire le plus puissant


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Ce modèle est notre plus puissant pointeur laser, qui est conçu spécialement pour les clients haut de gamme. Ce pointeur laser surpuissant est un produit haut de gamme, qui est spécialement conçu pour les amateurs de laser.

Laser militaire le plus puissant


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Ce modèle est notre plus puissant pointeur laser, qui est conçu spécialement pour les clients haut de gamme. Ce pointeur laser surpuissant est un produit haut de gamme, qui est spécialement conçu pour les amateurs de laser.

Water shutoff valve, mechanical action


Automatic Water Shutoff Valve, Mechanical Action

  • keeps tank full of water.
  • Shuts off pressurized water when tank reaches desired level. 
  • Allows tank vented to the atmosphere to be kept full of water  

Barrel Drum Bung-Plug Wrench No Spark


Drum Bung/Plug Wrench, Overall Length 12 In (300 mm).,Material Aluminum Bronze  AlloyFits Hexagonal or Square Plugs, Male or Female Type Bungs, Fittings and Plugs with Lugs and Crossbars,For Use With 3/4 and 2 In.


230 Watt Solar Electric Panel


High-quality, high performance, high reliability, long-term yield stability and ease of use. Factory provides a 2-year workmanship warranty

  • Multi-year independent testing confirms that modules generate rated kWh
  • modules are tested to withstand hail, extreme heat, high winds and heavy snow loads.
  • modules meet or exceed the latest electrical codes for safety and durability.
  • modules are manufactured in ISO 9001:2000 certified factories and feature:
    • Silicone sealant
    • Tempered glass
    • EVA embedding
    • Solar cell
    • Back sheet
    • High-strength frame
    •  +/- 3% power tolerance

Non-Sparking Safety Combination Wrench


Spark Proof Non Sparking (Be-Cu also Non Magnetic) Offset Ring Spanner - American Type


15 W Solar Water Pump



370 Watt Solar-Wind Water Pump


[Spam Filter]Solar or Wind Powered Water Pump with electronic controller, screw type, sold as a package with controller. Each system consists of a 370 Watt pump, pump motor and a controller. This modular concept keeps all electronics above ground providing, simple servicing, ease of access and a low cost of ownership.  Motor is oil lubricated.  DC-powered, works as a solar-direct system, from a battery bank, or in conjunction with AC power conversion.Connects to solar electric or wind turbine power supply. Pump adapts to varying power input by tracking most efficient operating point, or Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT).  A versatile and high quality pump, these pumps can run from not only solar and wind, but also from the grid through a rectifier, a generator, a battery or any combination of these sources. Efficiency is higher when voltage input is higher, but the pump will operate on a wide range of direct current voltage inputs. No grid power needed, off-grid solar water systemPump electronics designed to run with variable power inputPump can "soft start" with little sun or wind due to capacitorsMaximum Power Point (MPPT) tracking adapts to varying powerLightning protectionSelf PrimingStainless steel parts for longer lifeNon-sensor shielding motorMotor efficiency over 90%.Fully automatic operationRemote operation safeguardsBuilt-in Protection against overloading and overheatingAutomatic restart when water returns to the well or when the motor temperature returns to the safety rangeContinuous load condition and voltage monitoringPrice includes pump and controller.

CS: GO has a mass ghosting problem, and even...


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s newest problem astonishingly isn’t in-game-it’s a point involving event advertising and their effect on game play.

The ESL Expert League Season your five Finals this past end of the week witnessed a occurrence that’s every pro players’ nightmare: ghosting. This is the act associated with giving away a player’s position for the enemy’s benefit. It’s commonly done by in-game web server spectators, but in the situation it’s worse simply because out-of-game spectators have an overabundance of information available at for certain time.

North's legend, Kristian “k0nfig” Wienecke, riled up the group at the grand very last to the point of his team being ghosted.

Ghosting brings up the need for soundproof booths and the search for deterrent measures. The ghosting issue becomes a bit more tricky if the crowd is simply cheering more louder when tension plots in clutch scenarios. In this case, the problem about volume could be relieved with soundproof booths.

If fans inside crowd act like money Twitch chat by way of ghosting, event coordinators should take action with the attendance clause for fans that relinquishes their ticket. This ought to make fans look less inclined to be able to ghost if their event experience is spoiled.

For now, it’s because of the players to speak out against crowd ghosting to their supporters and to event coordinators, for the sake of competitive honesty.

The particular exile road a few. 0 barbarian...


The mobster DAD knife array, the particular train of considered test, has been, has not had the chance to try out, the country to take the trail of the mob, along with a million DPS of faith finally shuang

Obtained the painted literacy

1 . Talent level of mind sublimation, short for AUNT

2 . MOM wonder reply means a pair of the same legendary jewelry

+ incentive roar + effect period 0. 4 bodily damage steals mana + inspector indicate

BD pros and cons

positive aspects

1 . In addition to the environmentally friendly door double flame circle, the other T17 stations are all thrown up (T17 overcome, phoenix self-imploding)

minimal payments Don't rely on crème

3. Speed will be equal to clear graphic efficiency


1 ) The injury bottleneck is too obvious, by using a maximum of 1 particular person green door two . The skills of MOM magic should be learned proficiently

Skills website link

Weapon: flight knife storm-additional fire deterioration - physical turbo - precision problems - concentration instructions concentration effect

Brain: immortal howling aid elemental key instant release - sound the alarm when wounded

Palm: storm swirl tutorial arcane enhancement - jump - ending

Shoes: summons the fire monster - discharge - the emptiness knife rain -- energizing the roar of battle

The duty of thieves

Destroy all, pick up a couple of skill points

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Malachai currently is quite well-represented...


This became an opportunity to help create your ex mechanical identity. Dialla's play name is the Gemling Queen, thus it would be criminal to expose a Dialla unique in which didn't do some weird issues with gems and electrical sockets. She has gems directly stuck into her spine, all things considered. We looked at the 'E' trio of support treasures which modify gem habits (Empower, Enhance and Enlighten) and decided to build one particular benefits into the sockets on the item. Notably, the orange sockets act like the Illuminate of old, which given increased experience to recognized gems. This is because the original terceto of E gems influenced properties of the gems by themselves, rather than the skills they provided (like most Support gems), and we wanted to maintain this as a feature for this human body armour. It was also a techie requirement that the sockets merely affect gem properties (as opposed to skill properties), for the reason that gem item can be mindful of the socket it is throughout, but the skill from the gemstone can't.

By removing shade restrictions but allowing bonus products to be obtained based on precisely what socket colour you choose, you will get to make interesting decisions as it pertains changing the item's tooth socket colours, as well as deciding where you should socket your skill as well as support gems. Malachai currently is quite well-represented in Way of Exile's unique product roster, and those uniques handle a pretty wide range of effects. Typically the broadness of Malachai's kinetic alignment is, in fact , section of Malachai's mechanical alignment. Having been the greatest Thaumaturge in the Timeless Empire, after all.

We chosen to create an item that could allow a large number of builds specifically using Malachai's broad mastery as the primary goal, which is how we arrived at which bottom mod. That mod functions similarly to the Elementalist's Conflux, cycling through 3 different buffs: Malachai's Staying power, Malachai's Frenzy and Malachai's Power. Each buff awards you a chance to generate typically the associated charge on get rid of, providing an interesting way to let players access to each of the about three charge types on a single thing, though not simultaneously. Many of us experimented with various durations and also chances before settling on the actual version.If u want to buy some poe items,you can visit randyrun.

Solar Water Pump, 15 Watt, Stainless Steel


Circulation pump runs when the sun shines. No controller, no probes, no grid power needed