Path of Exile The Abyss Challenge League Detailed


On December 8, 2017, alongside with the War for the Atlas expansion and the 3. 1 . 0 update, Path of Exile will kick off The Abyss challenge league. This poston Grinding Gear Games' official website outlines the features of this new league that will have you fight abundant horrors form beneath the earth and their Lich overlords. Have a look: The Abyss Challenge League

Released alongside Path associated with Exile's seventh major expansion, War for your Atlas, the Cut Challenge League augments both existing and new content with challenging encounters and brand new rewards. Challenge leagues have self-contained economies and provide an opportunity for you to enjoy a fresh start and chance to demonstrate your mastery regarding Path of Exile. As usual, there are Hardcore and Solo Self-Found variations of this league.

The Abyss

Before Solaris graced Wraeclast, a race involving repulsive beings, fearful of light, populated the gloomy wastes. They were thought to be long dead, with few traces and no mentions in historical accounts. That is, until the earth itself was torn asunder.

For aeons, in the deepest, blackest reaches, they have festered as well as multiplied. Now, they're clawing their way back to the surface within unprecedented numbers; a hateful swarm connected with hungering horrors hellbent on reclaiming Wraeclast. Push them back, or be swallowed by the abyss.

Horrors from Below

In the Abyss League, players will encounter cracks in the ground. Get too close, and these splits widen and spread, allowing the terrible monsters to climb from their inky depths. Pursue these breaks, and you may discover a massive chasm from which dangerous packs of monsters emerge. Once you defeat these monsters, the actual Abyss continues to propagate, creating more chasms. Take too long, and also the Abyss will seal shut, but if you're quick and deadly enough, a chest filled with valuable rewards will emerge from below.

The Abyssal Depths

As players progress through the Abyss Group, some pits may offer access to the particular Abyssal Depths beneath. These Abyssal Absolute depths are packed with monstrous creatures and valuable rewards, and culminate in an exciting boss encounter.

Exploring the Abyssal Depths in high-level areas might result in an encounter with a Lich boss. These difficult boss fights are quite rare, but very rewarding. Defeating a Lich is the only way to earn an exclusive Abyss Unique item.

Abyss Jewels

Monsters and chests from the Abyss can drop Abyss Gems. Like other Jewelry, these can be placed inside sockets in your passive tree to grant powerful bonuses. Unlike other Jewels, they have a set of exclusive fresh properties and can also be placed in Abyssal Sockets on your items! These types of sockets can be found on the new Abyss Uniques and a new base type of Abyss-socketed belt: the Stygian Vise.

Abyss Uniques

The actual Abyss League includes a set of exclusive brand-new Unique items that you can earn by defeating typically the Lich bosses within the Abyssal Depths. These kinds of powerful items all interact with Abyss Jewels in unique ways, and all have at least one Abyss Jewel socket (though sometimes more). In addition , they each have their own unique 3d art which makes up a complete set when combined together.

Challenges and Rewards

The particular Abyss League features a set of 40 completely new challenges. When you complete 12 challenges, you receive the Abyss Helmet skin. At 24, you receive the Hades Wings. When you total your 36th problem, you receive the Inferno Portal effect. All these microtransactions are exclusively available in the Gehenna League.

From the 19th challenge onwards and for every third obstacle after that, you receive pieces of an Abyss Totem Pole decoration to display in your hideout. Typically the Totem Pole permanently showcases how many of the Abyss challenges you completed during this group.

Coming on December 8, 2017!

Path with Exile: War for that Atlas and the Ditch Challenge League will be released at noon on Friday Dec 8th (PST). This is 9pm in the CET timezone and 9am on December 9th in New Zealand. Our Xbox One release will be within a week of this time. In the coming weeks we'll reveal often the challenges and benefits for this league as well as the full patch notes for the 3. 1 . 0 expansion: War for the Atlas.
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