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CS: GO has a mass ghosting problem, and even...


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s newest problem astonishingly isn’t in-game-it’s a point involving event advertising and their effect on game play.

The ESL Expert League Season your five Finals this past end of the week witnessed a occurrence that’s every pro players’ nightmare: ghosting. This is the act associated with giving away a player’s position for the enemy’s benefit. It’s commonly done by in-game web server spectators, but in the situation it’s worse simply because out-of-game spectators have an overabundance of information available at for certain time.

North's legend, Kristian “k0nfig” Wienecke, riled up the group at the grand very last to the point of his team being ghosted.

Ghosting brings up the need for soundproof booths and the search for deterrent measures. The ghosting issue becomes a bit more tricky if the crowd is simply cheering more louder when tension plots in clutch scenarios. In this case, the problem about volume could be relieved with soundproof booths.

If fans inside crowd act like money Twitch chat by way of ghosting, event coordinators should take action with the attendance clause for fans that relinquishes their ticket. This ought to make fans look less inclined to be able to ghost if their event experience is spoiled.

For now, it’s because of the players to speak out against crowd ghosting to their supporters and to event coordinators, for the sake of competitive honesty.