Way of Exile Forthcoming Expansion First Information Revealed by Milling Gear

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08/02/2018 (2 months)
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Grinding Equipment Games, the New Zealand-based studio responsible for Course Of Exile is actually preparing to make a large announcement come Nov 16 for Avenue of Exile’s upcoming plans.

The studio room has given followers a few details concerning the Path of Relégation upcoming expansion,and it will feature within a post on their recognized site. You can capture the first few details beneath:

There is a new manager in Act 9

We have the first actually socketable belt arriving

Green and dark are the colours of the new league

We have prepared a new put tab type with this expansion

There are four new skill gemstones and 6 assistance gems coming

Apart from this hint, the actual PoE playerbase had been curious on what otherwise they could find concerning the upcoming December growth.This curiosity offers lead one Reddit member to find a few interesting files hanging around mentioning the word “map stash tabs, ” If true, it seems that the PoE local community is getting another product from their wishlist entered off if chart stashes become available for sale in the near future.

Those who are presently enjoying PoE, exactly what features do you want make it with the launch of 3. 1? Inform us in the comment area below.
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