Water shutoff valve, mechanical action



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Automatic Water Shutoff Valve, Mechanical Action

  • keeps tank full of water.
  • Shuts off pressurized water when tank reaches desired level. 
  • Allows tank vented to the atmosphere to be kept full of water  
  • Simple mechanical mechanism lasts for years
  • simple float valve cuts off the pressurized water
  • Works for hot water tanks, ponds, solar water systems. 

Shutoff valve with simple mechanical float. Allows a water system that is not pressurized to be refilled automatically, as water is used from a tank. With an automatic filler valve mechanism, the tank is kept full of water constantly by connection to a pressurized water supply. The automatic filler functions in a similar way to a toilet bowl filler, which is un pressurized, but through a float mechanism shuts off the pressurized input water when the tank is full. Pressurized supply water is connected directly to the automatic filler. 

Size: 8 inch by 8 inch by 12 inch (30 cm by 30 cm by 40 cm.) Weight: 4 pounds (2 kg). Material: High strength corrosion resistant steel. Capacity 9.5 liters.


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