Street to exile: "the queen of the blowing wind, garugan", in the drop of olia



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Upon August 4th it will likely be released into the "autumn of the east" relégation movement/RPG. The development group continues to work on the brand new content. Therefore , to be able to illuminate the unpleasant days of waiting for DLC's release, we claim that you watch movie for the boss associated with "the queen garuhan".

You'll be able to find out how harmful the opponent is actually, what skills Garukhan USES, whether she actually is encouraging someone, if the fight with the full is interesting, or even worth avoiding the girl attack.

Also, beneath you will see a video screen of new skills such as the "dark contract". Using its help, you will be able in order to inflict damage within the area through mayhem (but your minions or HP's wellness is wasted). And when you activate this particular ability, the leading man will have a skeletal system, and then the mean will pass through the actual chain between them.

Because the black agreement will immediately go back to health, the damage can not be done by hurting destruction and other foundations.
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