Route of Exile: Guard atlases - brand new unique items as well as fortune-telling CARDS



Mazari Sharif
United States
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04/03/2018 (1 month)
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The actual exile to release the particular action/role-playing path associated with "war for atlases" will be held upon 8 December. For that reason developers can't wait around to show you upcoming innovations. This time, these people decided to show the gamers several new distinctive items and lot of money tellers.

Long winter season (cobalt gem) raises cold damage through 15%. If the radius has at least forty intelligence, the ice chute has additional dunes (20 percent in the physical damage on the ice level gets cold damage).

Within the blessing of the Kallistas (satin gloves), typically the stones placed tend to be enhanced by the speed level 18 enchants. In addition , this product will give the intelligence + 21, Maximum energy shield & 67, Max living value +65 (when you consume eight hundred mana, 2 2nd effect +2% deadly blow).

Invictus Solaris (teardrop of the archon) triggers a 20-level fire shield, in case equipped. In addition , within the description of the concept, and the following honours: resistance to all the components for + 12%, placing gem quality for + two, shield and shield increased by 210%, for a maximum of wellness to + seventy two, cannot be set on fireplace.
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