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Today, the trail to exile offers officially released a fresh 3. 1 revise of the second winter. In the second months, the road to exil has been updated to incorporate a new season connected with play, 32 brand new maps, new products and new SUPERIOR, while the new season is known as the abyss year or so. According to the official, the latest version of the following season will have a big evil LEADER, "crack, " that will compete with the original MANAGEMENT, the "plastic man", for control of the actual alien world.

The nation is expected to open up at the end of December, while players will be able to accessibility the new content of your second season belonging to the road to exclusion.


The deep season was introduced

Edition 3. 1 of the year is called the cut season, and in the brand new abyss season, the fishing line of exile offers a whole new game with regard to players.

During the strong season, cracks will be on the ground, from these kinds of cracks, monsters from your abyss, to eliminate them, to catch valuable objects in the abyss! This season's new world BOSS, the best BOSS, will appear within a new alien chart.

The new gameplay not just enriches the game encounter, but also brings the greatest challenge to the participants of the road with exile.

A new variation of the update

The newest version of the highway to exile includes a lot of content.

: the new season within the second season

rapid 32 new strange maps

- fresh BOSS, new officer, new ultimate CEO "crack"

- four new active gemstones, 6 new additional gems

- a lot more than 50 new key gold

- brand-new late items "plastic boundary" items and also "split" items acquire own unique characteristics

- new serious dark gold tools, articles and jewelry

The modern 32 map of the alien world is among the highlights of the "road to exile" change. Through the new season for "alien battles", people can take a number of roadmaps of the alien globe.

In the new type, players will visit the center of the noncitizen world through a completely new path and discover innovative challenges along the way.

Through families in the plastic material industry and historic incident battle aircraft area of combat, the gamer can get plastic border families with aged incident's exclusive uncommon items, including the later can shine "plastic", "crack" items, almost all have unique attributes, has become one of the large players to gain floor.

The new season additionally shows great candor in skills along with legends. The new variant will add 4 new active talent gems around the coffin (undead), six extra skill gems and much more than 50 different legends. Although all these rewards may seem nice, the greatest challenge within the history of the path to exile is to test the players' courage and expertise.

A new version about open time

You probably know that the pioneer time of year will be in the long term zone, while the unique abyss will be restored. The timing from the new season has however to be decided. But later in December, any time all the content within the 3. 1 post on announcement will be officially presented to the gamer, the "abyss season" will be officially opened up.
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