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Obtaining from the events from the Fall of Oriath, the world is now below a new threat: The actual Shaper, an Oriathian scholar-turned-god that has designed worlds and looks for to change it based on how he views fit.

About the tale, War for the Atlas will have 32 fresh maps. Every guide finished by the participant will be a step nearer to The Shaper, and the progress will be documented in the Atlas, together with each node illuminating with every road finished. Eventually, right after enough progress, gamers will then be able to encounter the Shaper themself, a fierce manager battle that actually Chris Wilson, Milling Gear Games maker and developer, offers only beaten as soon as.

Content-wise, the growth includes 10 brand-new skill gems, fifty new unique products, and the Abyss Crews, which will grant qualified participants league-exclusive equipment.

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