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Grinding Gear Video games has issued the particular upcoming content routine for ARPG Way of Exile. Up to now, the game is 9 weeks deep in to the Harbringer Challenge Group, so understandably you will see a lot of players asking yourself how long is remaining to complete the difficulties, as well as what’s arriving between now and also the launch of the following expansion.

The next growth will indeed become a “full-sized Path regarding Exile content expansion”,<P><A href="[Spam Filter] Path Of Exile items</A></P>, bringing Content Up-date 3. 1 . zero which is likely to release on Friday, Dec 1st. The content up-date will be joined through new challenge little league, though it is really worth noting that within this particular instance generally there won’t be a beta for the expansion. The reason being it is around the exact same size as earlier expansions such as Ascendancy and Atlas involving Worlds, and the group hope to launch typically the Xbox One edition of it as near to the PC release because they can.

Three months prior to the release from the expansion will be a complete announcement of whatever you can expect, so that completely leaves both the category and expansion in around eight 2 or 3 weeks away. In the meantime, there is certainly still plenty to perform in PoE, along with another seven many days left to run within the Harbringer League, that will end of Nov 27th. Usually, there is a thirteen-week time period running for problem leagues, but this is being run a small longer.
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